Here’s the corrected list from Outreach.

Word broke last night that the list was incorrect and that Outreach Magazine would be out with a corrected list today.  I’ll put up the new information as soon as it is available.  In the meantime, check out this post for an article on the most influential churches in America.  And thanks to Kent Schaffer for some good reporting.

Outreach Magazine is also out with their list of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America.  Fascinating stuff.  A new method for determining ranking was employed taking into consideration both numeric growth and percentage growth.  That makes the number more meaningful.  When you see some of the percentage jumps…well it’s just amazing what’s happening around the country.

Even a casual glance can begin to identify some interesting trends.  One that caught my eye again this year is that 7 of the 10 fastest growing churches in America are multi-site congregations.

Another thing that was interesting is the number of states represented.  Although there were the usual concentrations in Texas, California, Georgia and Florida, there were also representative churches in Idaho and Nebraska as well.  Last, there were churches in New York and Massachusetts, a region often described as being spiritually dead.

Interesting stuff…don’t you think?  You can check out the whole list right here.

100 Fastest Growing Churches 2007 Corrected