Tinkering vs. Real Change

When something needs to be repaired…are you ever tempted to just break out the duct tape?  How many of you still have a vacuum cleaner with electrical tape holding together your power cord?  Have you ever used "fix-a-flat" and not


Have you heard about FeedBlitz?  I was checking out Seth Godin’s blog this a.m. and saw his most recent posts about RSS.  His post led me over to Rajesh Setty’s blog and a link to a very cool tool!  FeedBlitz

The Speed of Change

Isn’t it always tempting to put off those conversations, those actions that will be painful but will lead to change?  To say to yourself, "right now is not the best time."  "After this storm passes, then we’ll implement this move." 

Intentional Focus

Are you intentional in your efforts?  Do your programs and events make sense in light of what you’re really trying to do?  If you were to carefully describe who you’re trying to reach (win over, communicate with, etc.) would we

Seth’s Blog

Do you know Seth Godin?  I don’t know him…but I’m enjoying what he writes, and posts on his blog.  There were two very interesting posts on Friday.  One about Bill Gross, a sort’ve pioneer in internet marketing from an upcoming

Carbonation and Churches

What helps you sort through ideas, arrive at an assumption, and then explain it?  For me it is almost always an illustration, graph, or metaphor.  For example, on my desk I have two 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola.  One


“You can’t choose problem-free.  It doesn’t exist.  But you can choose the set of problems you’d rather deal with.”  I remember where I was sitting when I first heard that phrase.  Pastor’s Toolbox Seminar…left side…two thirds of the way back.