Broken Windows

What does it mean to your customers when something is obviously broken and you do nothing about it?  John Moore over at Brand Autopsy has a really interesting thread going on broken windows, an idea that has roots in a

Excellence 2005

In recent days I’ve thought a lot about the things that started me on the path I’m on today.  And I keep coming back to Tom Peter’s book In Search of Excellence.  I don’t remember now why I read it. 


Have you heard about Pandora?  This is VERY cool.  Pandora takes your music choice and designs a "radio station" for you, based on a genome like analysis of your selection.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

It Begins Today

Life is about seasons.  And for me, a new one begins today.  I’m starting my journey at Seacoast Grace Community Church today and I’m so excited!  When I had the chance to see what they were doing it just reminded