Great Quote on Creativity

Just picked up Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force and have to say it is packed with some great ideas.  In the chapter about the SolutionPeople case study, there is this great quote about creativity

Great Quote on Stress

Love this one: "Stress is directly proportional to the delta between who you are and who you are projecting to be."  Jnan Dash, former EVP of Oracle Thanks to Rajesh Setty over at Life Beyond Code.  By the way, Rajesh

What Make A Great Product?

How do you determine whether what you’re convinced is a great product or service…is really a great product or service?  Beyond your opinion, I mean.  What are the earmarks of something that is really great? I’m reading Creating Customer Evangelists:

Understanding the Times

When you’re designing your business you must first have a clear picture of the customer.  No doubt.  That means you’re constantly talking with people about what they need, about what they’re looking for, about their hopes.  And based on their