Not Just Better

If you’re in the business (like we are) of reaching a difficult market niche, you might be scratching your head (like we sometimes do) trying to figure out how to improve what you’re doing in order to more exactly capture

Who Leads Your Teams?

Think about the teams you have operating right now.  Who makes the decisions about where things are going?  What is the SHAPE of that person?  More to the point…are your teams led by a vision/ideas person?  Or are they really


Over the weekend I found a really cool blog resource called MyBlogLog.  I heard about it over at TypePad Hacks.  It lets me see where my readers come from and just as cool, where they link to next!  Why’s that

Grooves vs. Ruts

Are you an expert at what you do?  If you are…if you’ve developed an expertise over your career…you are in danger of missing some big opportunities.  Why?  Because "expertise breeds conservatism, and conservatism can lead to stagnation."  Or at least

Churches and the Web

There’s a great article on how churches are embracing web technology to reach more people over at the Wall Street Journal.  It’s free for now…not sure how long these articles remain free to non-subscribers. Very interesting mix of great information

The Online Church

There was a great article earlier this week in the Los Angeles Times about how churches are using technology.  It mentions both Granger and  Both of these churches are using technology in a great way to reach their target. 

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Does our organization’s internal conversation matter?  Does it matter that we’re less (or more) confident about where things are going in private conversations than the way we appear in public?  Does it make a difference that we might appear hopeful

Genius of the “And”

Finding quite a few very helpful nuggets in The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations.  One of my favorite bloggers is Dave Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL.  They’re multi-site, a really good example of