Dude…your Dell is on fire!

Sometimes they’re just too good to pass up!  How about this picture and caption from Engadget? Dude!  Your Dell’s on Fire! And how about this: if you should ever find yourself at a conference with us and someone’s laptop happens

Testing Long-Held Assumptions

So you’ve been running your organization a certain way successfully for a long time but you’re wondering whether tweaking a single element might make a difference in your performance.  Do you dare test your assumption?  Or do you play it

The Right Question

Albert Einstein said "Figuring out how to think about the problem" was the single most important step in developing the theory of relativity.  Isn’t that interesting?  And it makes total sense.  The question is how often do we really stop

The Radical Leap

Picked up The Radical Leap : A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber and read it on the plane last week.  It’s another one of the parable type books.  Similar in form to Patrick Lencioni or Ken Blanchard. 

Attract vs. Capture

In your strategy sessions what is the main metaphor used?  Sports lingo?  Like, "how can we hit a home run?  Or military?  Like, we really need to capture that new market niche? The latest in a very interesting series of