TED is Back!

Have you ever checked out TED?   If you don’t know about TED, it’s quite a thing.  Not even sure what to call it.  You’ve just got to check it out to get the feel.  You can see lots of the

The Origin of Brands

Picked up The Origin of Brands: How Product Evolution Creates Endless Possibilities for New Brands by Al and Laura Ries.  Interesting the questions the book provokes and the applications that emerge.  The central idea is that there is almost no

30 Boxes

Have you checked out 30 Boxes yet?  Very cool application.  Looks like it could have some really good potential for a low budget solution to sharing calendars.  I heard about it on Scoble’s blog and actually watched a very interesting

Spring Cleaning

Great post over the weekend from Seth Godin.  Check it out for some great ideas on the Spring cleaning theme.  I took a few minutes and followed tip #5 and saved some serious cash on one of my less than