The Essence of Strategy

You’ve done the hard work of clarifying the win for your organization.  And let’s say you’ve even clarified the win for each of the individual components of your operation.  And let’s say that you’ve actually clarified the ultimate win.  You

Strategic Organizations

More and more I’m enjoying The Strategy Paradox by Michael Raynor.  I’m finding so much to wrestly with…maybe that’s not your goal, but I love looking for ways of thinking (and then acting) that moves my team forward.  If you’re

Boat Races and Management Theory

Sometimes, particularly on the Monday after you’ve moved into a new house, you just need a moment to pause and at least chuckle.  Check out this list of how management theory can help win a boat race…from  Definitely good

Moving Day

Well…it’s moving day.  After a short stop in Los Angeles county we’re heading down to the OC.  Very excited!  1.6 miles from my office.  Just over 2 miles to church.  Blocks from really cool shopping, dining and …Borders!  It’s all