5th Discipline

I broke out an old favorite for the plane ride…The Fifth Discipline. A great book with some great insights about systems and their inner-workings. You can see from the cover how much our dog Sadie enjoyed it!

The Pursuit of Problem-Free

One of the assumptions I have about strategy and strategic planning is that there is no problem-free solution.  In other words, every solution has a set of problems that accompanies it.  How do you determine which solution to use?  Most

How Lame is DELTA?

I don’t fly EVERY week, but I do fly a lot…and I’ve concluded that DELTA is absolutely the lamest.  Every other airline I fly enables seat selection and for some reason (maybe so I can learn patience) I was unable

Strategic Partnerships

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power and benefits of forming strategic partnerships.  I know in our business the temptation or tendency is to add on a capability (program or service) in the effort to reach a larger