Are You Strategic?

I have a theory.  My theory is that there are basically two groups of people in the world.  Some have a strategic bent and others don’t.  Obviously, there are degrees in between.  But generally, there are two groups.  Given any

Maxwell Dog

Almost 12, easily one of my best friends, Maxwell Dog Howell is easy to hang with. AKA T-Bone Cajones.  Will answer to Teeb.  Has a big ole wolfman nose.  Enjoys a few bites of Breyer’s Natrual Vanilla Bean most nights. 

Quotebook: Character

“The ancestor to every action is a thought.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson Pretty powerful line.  There’s really a lot in it.  On one level, it really speaks to how character is developed.  I remember hearing this one years ago:  "Sow a

Snoop and Andy

I don’t know if this is real…or not, but it is an interesting picture.  It looks like Snoop is reading How Good Is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley.  I tracked the origin of the picture back to GenerationPost by Jason