News from the Patio

5:52 p.m. 77°F.  The key today was that it rained.  Not honest-to-goodness Texas rain.  But it did rain.  Gave our backyard a nice dampening.  Gave everything that good smell.  Although they say, "it never rains in California"…it actually does.  Just

Sunset at Laguna

One of the coolest things about the coaching and consulting side of what I do is that when you’re on the phone…you can be anywhere.  Tuesday night I did my coaching call with Chicago from the cliffs above Laguna Beach. 

The Lone Genius

Don’t know if you’ve found Mike Wagner yet.  Doesn’t post a lot…but when he does, good stuff.  Check out this week’s post about The Lone Genius.  Great illustration of the power of teams for innovation.  A really good exercise too!