Wargaming for Leaders

Don't let the title fool you, this is very interesting.  It's been in the stack for about a month (actually, I've had a preview copy even longer), but getting into it I'm finding this is a really fascinating read.  Wargaming

Jack’s Notebook

Picked up a really engaging book off the stack last night. Jack's Notebook: A business novel about creative problem solving by Gregg Fraley.  As the sub-title notes, it's actually a novel with creative problem solving principles built in.  Found myself

Inside Looking Out

Sunday afternoon.  5:10 p.m.  40 degrees.  Feels like 31.  I'm inside looking out…at the patio.  For this So Cal boy…hardly an acceptable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  On the bright side, Debbie's jammin' shrimp gumbeaux is simmering.  There's a