Outreach Magazine is out with their list of the 25 Most Innovative Churches.  These lists are usually both interesting and educational.  You may already be on to the list.  Possibly you picked up on Monday Morning Insight’s take.  Or maybe you saw what Church Relevance had to say.  That would be a good one to bookmark, as it will still be up when the magazine’s link times out.  Whether you’ve heard about it or not…it’s an interesting list!  What do you think?

As I looked through it I was struck by the thought that you really could sort these 25 Most Innovative into a smaller number of stacks and then figure out where the epicenter of their particular innovation.  For instance, I think you could put LifeChurch, Seacoast, Community Christian, and North Coast into one stack.  Maybe a few others as well.  And then try and determine the epicenter. 

If you worked through the 25 you could come up with several distinct "stacks".  And then there’d also be some that you’d end up with just one like it.  For instance, I don’t know all the churches listed, but I don’t see another that I’d say is like Mars Hill (Rob Bell).  Or Mosaic.

What do you think?

25 Most Innovative Churches
  • To me this is a fascinating observation.
    I am wondering how many epicenters and what distinct epicenter traits (a great term for this by the way) you identified.
    And then what are the “one of a kind” or “only begotten” epicenters did you give to Mars Hill and Mosaic?
    Of course you may not want to share and thus bias what others might say.
    But I am certainly curious.
    Thanks for a great observation that has my mind racing.
    Keep creating,