Do you ever find yourself realizing after the fact that you didn’t give it every thing you could?  Ever stop to reflect on the truth that you’ve only given a so so effort?  What do you think is the goal?  What level of leadership is required in order to succeed at the mission you are on?

I loved this description of what a young leader in the Army must learn.  They must learn:

  • to make the right decisions in the absence of a complete picture (how often do you hae the whole picture?)
  • to be aggressive without overreaching (a delicate balance)
  • to be confident without the growth of egos (difficult to manage)
  • and most importantly, they must seek to win each and every battle, 10 out of 10 — 9 out of 10 will not do (separates the men from the boys)  From The Leader of the Future 2 (p. 125)

I don’t know about you, but that is a challenging list!  There is in those words a great opportunity, an opportunity to step into a different future.  Are you ready?

4 Things Great Leaders Learn to Do
  • Always good to read what “hits you” as you read a book like The Leader of the Future 2.
    Have you read James Carse’s “Finite and Infinite Games?”
    It came to mind based on the last in the list here – win every battle.
    I wonder if there is another way to view that other than win/lose? Or am I even getting the meaning here?
    In either case, thanks for offering up such good thoughts!

  • Hey Mike! The idea from The Leader of the Future 2 is from General Shinseki. He’s looking at win EVERY battle from the viewpoint of a military commander. I think it has application for lots of us…but not in every situation. For example, there is win/win in any negotiation. It’s not a zero sum game (finite). He’s talking more from a missional viewpoint where there is something larger at stake.
    Thanks for joining the conversation! I love it when you’re around!