UPDATE: For a look at the 2007 Fastest Growing Churches list click here.

A Church Growth Today study is out over at Outreach Magazine.  It’s an interesting list of the 100 fastest growing churches in the U.S.  I think it’s interesting for a number of reasons.

First, according the research, 52 of the 100 are new this year.  While the report doesn’t indicate whether this is membership or attendance growth, for 52 newbies to crack the top 100 is an indication of several possibilities (a newer church gaining momentum, a new pastor or ministry, a new building, etc.).

The second thing that’s interesting (at least to me) are the churches that aren’t on the list.  The list is ranked by numerical growth, not percentage, and yet North Point, Gateway and Bay Area Fellowship aren’t included.  It makes me wonder if you can be too busy growing to return the postcard to Church Growth Today!

Third, I’m guessing most of these are approximates since there are a lot of 1,000s and other round numbers.  One odd exception is Saddleback with 1,149. 

Last, I’m wondering if the churches that did return the postcard had any idea what the other responders were reporting.  For instance is they reported 1,401 instead of 1,400…Makes me want to ask "what did you know and when did you know it!"

Thanks to Monday Morning Insight for the heads up to the list!

50 Fastest Growing Churches