The Church Report has released their 50 Most Influential Churches report for 2006.  Most interesting development? into the top 10 with Community Chrisitan Church and Seacoast moving into the top 15.  Multi-site is clearly gaining influence.  Want to learn more?  You may want to pick up a copy of The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations.  You can read my review here.  Or check out the Multi-Site Revolution site.

50 Most Influential Churches – 2006
  • James

    Isn’t it at all troubling that a big deal is made of the pastors at each of those churches? I know that for many of them, they would argue that it’s all about the process and design of how they do church, that it’s not about them personally.
    (Of course, we’ve seen how congregations think differently on that.)

  • That’s an issue worthy of caution. At the same time, I think the article is simply pointing out the senior pastor’s role. Most of these pastors would be quick to downplay their own significance and instead highlight the great faith of their people, the way they all pull together, and the way God has tremendously (and unexplainably) blessed them.
    The fact that their churches have been identified by other pastors as being influential is a little misleading. I think in most cases it is the pastor and his ministry philosophy that is having influence.