Ever find yourself responsible to develop a marketing plan?  Or a way to promote what you’ve got coming?  Very interesting.  Steve Pavlina has a great set of ideas designed to help you maximize your creative output. 


Here’s the short version:

  1. Develop a clear purpose.  "You need a goal.  Decide what you want to create and why."
  2. Identify a compelling motive.  "In addition to a goal for your creative session, you need a reason to
    be creative.  Why does this task matter to you personally?  What
    difference will it make if you can be creative?  Why do you care?"
  3. Architect a worthy challenge.  "To awaken your full creative potential, the difficulty of your creative
    endeavor must fall within a certain challenge spectrum.  On a scale of
    1-10, where 1 is trivially easy and 10 is impossible, I’d say the
    optimal creative range is 5-9 with a 7-8 being ideal."
  4. Provide a conducive environment.  "You’ll find that certain environmental conditions make it easy for you
    to enter the flow state, while other conditions make it nearly
    impossible.  The optimal environment varies from person to person, so
    you’ll need to experiment to find what works best for you."
  5. Allocate a committed block of time.  "It normally takes me about 15 minutes to begin to enter the flow state,
    and I’m solidly entranced after about 45-60 minutes.  By the end of the
    first hour, I’m just getting into the task.  My real creative output
    happens in hours 2, 3, 4, and beyond."
  6. Prevent interruptions and distractions.  "Make arrangements to ensure you won’t be disturbed except in an absolute emergency."
  7. Master your tools.  "Creating a tangible piece of creative work requires tools such as a
    computer, guitar, or pencil.  Even though it may take years, you must
    achieve basic competency with the tools of your trade before you can
    consistently enter the flow state."

Be sure and check out Steve Pavlina’s original post.  Very interesting and immediately helpful.

Thanks to Church Relevance for pointing us to Steve Pavlina!

7 Rules for Maximizing Your Creative Output
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