Are you invested the way you really ought to be?  One of the things that improves investment portfolio performance is a periodic review and re-balancing.  That practice carries over really well to organizations themselves.  Doesn’t it make sense that you would periodically examine the ways that you’re investing your organization’s time, talents, and treasure?  You would if you are a leader!  As Carl George has said, "Leaders allocate the finite resources of the organization to THE critical growth path."  So, it follows that if you’re a leader you would know the direction you need to go and you would allocate and align the resources of your organization to enable and encourage movement in that direction.

Now for today’s question, do you know what you need to know about the internet…and are you doing what you need to about what you know?

In a great article by Terrell Sanders, president of Main Street Enterprises, an Internet consulting and development company for churches and non-profit organizations, highlights 8 things pastors need to know about the internet.  Let’s just say, this is an opportunity to rebalance your portfolio.  If you’re web presence is underperforming you may be due for a review of your strategy!

Thanks to our friends over at Church Marketing Sucks for the link to a great story!


8 Things Pastors Need to Know about the Internet