Yesterday had its moments.  First off, it was cool meeting Perry Noble on the way in the doors.  He’s not speaking…just here to learn…which is very cool.

I think the highlight for me was Craig Groeschel of  Really some great insights.  I loved his whole riff on asking questions.  "What if…the church was no longer bound by brick and mortar?"  What if…"  The cd will be a good investment.  I’m sure you can track it down here.

The conference has a really interesting framework.  The speaker’s time is a little shorter and they’ve built in time for a panel who joins the speaker for the final 30 minutes or so.  Bill Hybels, Erwin McManus, etc.  Not a lightweight crew.  William Vanderbloemen, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Houston, scored the best one-liner when he said the church tends to be guilty of "raising the flag at sunset (i.e. adopting a new idea long after the moment has come and gone)."

A2 Day One