There was quite a moment just now as David Ireland, pastor of Christ Church in Montclair, New Jersey.

He was telling a story about two army friends who brought the body of their fallen comrade to be buried in the cemetary of their church.  When they talked with the priest they were told that they couldn’t bury their friend there because he wasn’t Catholic.  They were saddened but they asked if it was alright if they buried their friend just outside the cementary; just on the other side of the fence.  When the priest told them it would be ok, they buried there friend just outside the cemetary and left for the evening.  When they came back the next morning to put some flowers on their friends grave they couldn’t find it.  They looked where they remembered burying him but they couldn’t find the grave.  They went into the church and found the priest and asked him if he knew what had happened.  He said, "I was troubled all night but what I told you about your friend…so in the middle of the night I came back here and moved the fence."  Quite a moment.  I think I may need to get the cd.

A2 Day Two: David Ireland