Have you seen Motorola’s Razr?  Today’s edition of Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, a free weekly email newsletter with links to some of HBR’s most important insights, featured a great article about the development of Motorola’s Razr which has been an enormous breakout product, selling more than a million units in the first 6 months.

What caught my eye in the article was how the Razr was described as "a departure [for] … the stodgy…company that was Motorola."  In the development Motorola had "to dodge some of the classic traps–such as consensus-based processes that can result in compromised products–that make it so difficult for big businesses to follow new strategies."

Or how about this, the realization that Motorola’s internal innovation process "can force designers to develop compromised products that end up being acceptable to everyone yet delightful to no one."

Sound familiar?


Acceptable to everyone…delightful to no one.