All growth involves some pain.  In other words, if you are going to grow whatever it is that you’re doing, there will be growing pains.  That’s where the expression growing pains comes from.  So far, definitely not rocket science.  The sticking point is that none of us really likes pain.  Well, there are some people, but they’re not reading this.

So the question is, if all growth involves some pain, and none of us really likes pain, then how can we keep our focus on what needs to happen, and sort’ve play through the pain?  I think it only happens, we only play through the pain, when we’re focusing on the reward that we believe comes as a result of playing on through the pain.  Still not rocket science.  It’s more about faith.  Faith that there is something beyond the pain.  Faith that working through the pain and discomfort leads to a benefit.  Leads to growth.

Seth Godin’s post on The Local Max does a great job of illustrating the idea.  Read the whole post here.

All Growth Involves Some Pain