Ever been stopped in your tracks by someone who’s “sworn allegiance to the status quo?”  We’ve all run into them.  Old guard remnants of a previous time, committed to keeping things running the way “we’ve always done it”.  What’d you do?  Give up?  Head fake them and then attempt an end-around?  Try to go right over the top of them?  Got to admit I tend toward the middle route these days.  How about you?

In my early days I would definitely just give up.  Then I switched to a pattern of trying to bull my way past them.  These days it makes a lot more sense to do a version of the head fake.  How’s that?  Usually it’s a matter of continuing to talk, looking for common ground, and then trying to find a way past the blockade.  Does it always work?  No way.  But for sure it begins with a commitment to continued conversation.

By the way, some people have a knack for a really well turned phrase, don’t they?  The idea of “sworn allegiance to the status quo” comes from Hamel’s Leading the Revolution.  Good stuff.

Allegiance to the Status Quo
  • Mark,
    I had never clicked on your about link…..here is my personal salsa recipe.
    4 roma tomatoes to
    1 serrano green chile
    pan roast them….I use a cast iron comal or flat pan but use whatever you have. Roast them on all sides until they blister and about 50% is blackened.
    Put one clove of garlic to roast but very lightly…
    Put the garlic, the tomatoes and the chile (with the blackened skin) in the blender with a half teaspoon of salt. Blend. Wash a handfun of fresh cilantro, stems removed. Place in the blender (if you like cilantro) and pulse a couple of times….don;t overblend. Correct the taste for salt and enjoy!