The Church Report is out with their 2007 America’s 50 Most Influential Churches report.  Very interesting stuff.  If you’re wondering how they came up with the list, here’s what they did:

"The 2007 survey was
emailed to leaders of more than 2,000 of the largest non-Catholic
congregations in the nation in April-June. Participants were asked to
recommend up to 10 churches they considered to be among the nation’s
most influential."

How’s that sound to you?  I guess that’s as sound as you’re going to get it.  I really wish they were required to show why they recommended them.  Is it just name recognition?  Is it that they hold a conference?  Is it that the pastor is an author?  Not sure.  Still…it’s a fascinating list.  Several I’ve never heard of and will have to check out.

As usual, Kent Shaffer has a very informative take on some of the other lists that these churches are on.  Here’s the link to his post: 50 Most Influential Churches. 

America’s 50 Most Influential Churches