This won’t hit everyone the same but Kent has an interesting take on the top 25 multiplying churches in America.  He’s done a cool thing.  He’s taken the list, produced by Outreach Magazine and aggregated the results with the earlier lists that included the largest, fastest growing, most innovative, or most influential.  This is a fascinating data set.  I love the fact that 17 of the 25 are not found on any of the previous lists!  There is something there.

What’s important about the top multiplying churches?  It’s about propagation.  It’s not just addition.  It’s multiplication, but it’s even more than that.  It’s clearly about influence, but the 17 out of 25 indicates that they’re flying under the radar doing their own thing. 

Be sure and stop over at churchrelevance and check out Kent’s take.

America’s Top 25 Multiplying Churches 2007