You never know what you’ll find in Fast Company.  I loved last month’s article on the world’s most innovative companies.   Full of great thoughts and ideas.  Among the quotes I marked down was this one from Tim Armstrong, Google’s President of Advertising and Commerce in North America.

I tell new employees, ‘At Google, there are rocks and a stream.  You either become a rock, and the stream goes around you, or you get in the stream and move things along and start adding value.’

Something in there for all of us…isn’t there.

Are You the Rock? Or the Stream?
  • Saw this quote too and really liked it. In fact, after reading it again here, I sent the quote to a CEO with too many rocks on his management team.
    The image is clear and powerful.
    So much of our work results in a faster flowing stream than existed before.
    We often find people more interested in being the rock than is healthy for their careers or the company.
    Thanks for stirring the pot…keep creating,