One of the great distinguishing characteristics in life is the ability to ask good questions.  Some people may have it from the gate.  Most of us have to learn to do it.  Most of us are much more inclined to make statements.  Talk about what we think or believe.  Instead, we need to learn to be great askers of questions. 

One of the great question-askers was Peter Drucker.  Amazing in his ability to formulate the questions that open up a new understanding or clarify the truth.

His questions have driven business effectiveness for several decades.  Think about the significance of these questions for all that you’re trying to do.

  • What business are you in?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What are you going to call success?

If you take the time to really answer these questions…with a genuinely thoughtful attitude…you will find yourself looking at what you do from a new angle.  Be careful to reject pat answers.  Use a whiteboard or a flip chart and really drill down on each one.  Out of that discussion will come some amazing insights.

Insight is the key to impact and differentiation. 

Asking Great Questions
  • Yes! Questions engage and unlock – asking a good question is like issuing a ticket for a journey of discovery.
    I sat through a “Change Management” presentation last night that was something out of 1960’s corporate America (I am in England).
    I just about gave up when I saw truisms like “Plan for Achievement” and “Organize for Success” appear. Since when does anyone “Organize for failure”?

  • Why are the chairs on your banner empty?

  • Robin, great observations! But isn’t it painful to sit through that kind of presentation!
    One of the things I’m learning to do is to start my seminars or consulting sessions with the question: “What questions are you asking?” I’ve found that when I do that, I’m less likely to zero in on “Planning for achievement”!
    Why are the chairs empty? THAT is a great question! At one level because that’s how the stock photo was available. At another, …, well, that’s what makes it a great question. I don’t know!