Is your organization successful?  According to Peter Drucker, unless you are creating a different tomorrow you aren't actually succeeding today.  In fact, you may be a kind of fraud.

"The seemingly most successful business of today is a sham and a failure if it does not create its own and different tomorrow.  It must innovate and re-create its products or services but equally the enterprise itself (p. 159, Inside Drucker's Brain)."

Where's he going?  Easy.  Everything changes.  Everything.  A fully developed understanding of the business you are in combined with an appreciation for the evolving needs of your customer will help your organization see the need to create a different tomorrow.

Question of the day?  How much of what you are currently doing, is still operating with the systems and structures of the 1990s?  1980s?  1960s?  Extra credit: How much of what you're producing is targeted to meet the needs of the customer of the 1990s?  1980s?  1960s?

Authentic Success