Tom Peters on Innovation

When it comes to the stuff that fires the imagination…there’s almost no one else like Tom Peters.  He’s got a great free resource out: Innovation 121  In light of the upcoming Innovation3 Gathering, I thought I’d link to it.  Definitely looking

Quotebook: Vision

“Without a vision, the crisis chooses us.  But with a vision, we choose the ‘crisis.’”  Will Mancini Great post on the topic by Will Mancini over at Clarity Evangelist.  Check it out.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!  Looking forward to lots of good times ahead.  Hope you're off to a good start! Today we've got the smokin' texas red chili simmering, the red chile pork simmering for the tamale-making extravaganza later, and of

Wargaming for Leaders

Don't let the title fool you, this is very interesting.  It's been in the stack for about a month (actually, I've had a preview copy even longer), but getting into it I'm finding this is a really fascinating read.  Wargaming