Reorienting Strategic Focus

What will it take to begin to really have an impact, to move from just "benchmarking competitors" to actually redefining the focus?  I love this line from Blue Ocean Strategy: "To fundamentally shift (the effectiveness of your organization) you must

Bureaucracy = Death

How many times have you dreamed up an idea…a great idea…one that really is an elegant solution to a real problem…only to be told "no" and to be told "no" without any serious consideration?  Is there any solution to the

Clearing Yahoo’s Clutter

When people come to your website what do they see?  Can they understand what you’re about in a glance?  Does the clutter say, "We’re not really sure what is important…so we’re highlighting EVERYTHING!"  Think Yahoo.  Can you tell what that’s

Behaviors that Prevent Change

According to John Kotter there are four behaviors that commonly stop the launch of needed change.  "The first is complacency, driven by false pride or arrogance.  A second is immobilization, self-protection, a sort of hiding in the closet, driven by