“You can’t choose problem-free.  It doesn’t exist.  But you can choose the set of problems you’d rather deal with.”  I remember where I was sitting when I first heard that phrase.  Pastor’s Toolbox Seminar…left side…two thirds of the way back. 

Life-Sucking Silos

I’ve stumbled on a kindred spirit in Mark Waltz, Connections Pastor at Granger Community Church.  Recently he launched a series of posts in reply to this question from "New friend and fellow-blogger, Pete Bishop, from Crossroads Community Church in Adrian,

Narrow the Focus

One of the most challenging sections of the book, 7 Practices of Effective Ministry is on the critical importance of narrowing your focus if you hope to have real impact.  One of the great lines is that "your potential to

Clarify the Win

Over the weekend I read a fabulous book!  The 7 Practices of Effective Ministry"   Really, really helpful.  Think about the simplicity of Practice #1:  Clarify the win.  Here’s a definition:  "communicating to your team what is really important and what