Reaching Your Destination

What gets us to our destination?  Vision?  Mission?  Good intentions?  Actually…none of the above.  What gets us where we’d like to go is moving forward on a path that leads to there.  It’s really two-fold.  Being on the right path…and

Winning by Changing the Game

Ever found yourself in an un-winnable situation?  Maybe you’ve tried to succeed at something only to realize that the game was basically rigged and only the house could win…unless you changed the rules? Without a doubt one of the most

Picked up How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman for a little light beach reading…uh, no.  Interesting stuff though.  And it has so much to do with everything we’re trying to do.  Basic premise?  Lack of awareness of how customers really

Disposing Batteries

Just checked out the Squidoo site of the day, How to Dispose of Batteries.  Good stuff over there.  I know this isn’t about strategy or mission or vision, but it is about change…the personal kind.  If you’re beginning to switch