Digging the New Coldplay

Enjoying a little downtime with new Coldplay CD as the soundtrack.  Several of the songs really pull me in.  Definitely growing on me.  Especially like Life in Technicolor (has an almost U2 feel) and Violet Hill.   Interesting to try and

Consumer-Centric vs. Firm-Centric

In the global transition from boilerplate and off-the-shelf to personalized and custom-to-the-need, the pivot point is "firm-centric" vs. "consumer-centric" (For our purposes, let’s call it "customer-centric" so we can debug the negative connotation of "consumer.").  One important element of the

The Answer to How is Yes

One of my favorite books is Peter Block’s, The Answer to How Is Yes.  Hard to describe how it works, but it really resonates with me.  I took it on the plane yesterday and re-read the first few chapters.  If

Outside-In Vision

At the heart of successful connection with the customer is the ability to see what they’re seeing and feel what it’s like to walk in their shoes.  Can’t relate?  Never going to really connect.  Love this quote from Big Ideas