Andy Stanley @ Exponential

There’s no question that Andy Stanley has had tremendous impact on my thinking over the last 10 years.  Love the way he thinks about vision, mission, the need for change, etc.  In terms of organizational ideas…he’s got it. Didn’t get

Andy Stanley Streamin’

Amazing confluence ($10 word) of technology today.  Andy Stanley at Exponential was suddenly streaming live via, brought live by Todd Rhodes over at Monday Morning Insight in what seemed to be an experiment.  To top it all off, I

What Do You Start With?

How does it happen in your organization?  When you’re in a strategy discussion do you start with assumptions?  Preconceived notions?  A script?  Love this simple line from Tim Armstrong, Google’s President of Advertising and Commerce in North America: People here

Earthquake Coincidence?

Not exactly sure what category to file this in…but this morning as I checked in over at Twitter I noticed several tweets about last nights earthquake that rocked the central states. Couldn’t help but remember that earlier in the day

Tom Peters Daily Quote

Just subscribed to something new from Tom Peters.  He has a daily email with a quote of the day.  Good stuff…something to think about.  Loved today’s idea: Today’s triumph (or setback) is just one step in a long journey. That