Secret Agent Man

There’s a commercial on these days for Chase Bank…and the song always makes me want to listen to the whole song.  So here it is: ‘Course if you want some comedy you could listen to the David Hasselhoff version:

News from the Patio

5:00 pm.  67°F.  39% humidity.  Beautiful day in Southern California.  Really gorgeous.  New blooms on the Pink Pearl Bougainvillea.  Weather just about perfect.  Got a brisket in the smoker.  A little chicken too.  Mark’s Killer Baked Beans and Debbie’s great

This Is Al

This is Al. He’s from France. You can see by the distinctive lack of a cone that he’s not from Southern France. He’ll be with us for a couple weeks. Even though the exchange rate is tough right now, you

Uncopyable Values

One of the great advantages to reading widely is that you come across some ideas that you just would never find otherwise.  Here’s an example.  I love to read Seth’s blog.  Seth Godin is consistently onto things that really apply