Quotebook: Strategy

Recently Walt Mossberg said that Steve Jobs told him: "I’m more proud of the things we haven’t done at Apple than what we have done." As we’ve talked about in the past, "The essence of strategy is choosing what not

The Enemies of Mediocrity

I’ve talked before about 37signals and products like Backpack and Highrise.  Looks like there’s a really good reason for their success.  Check out founder Jason Fried’s comments at the third annual summit of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF-3)  When asked 

Gotta Love Erwin

Talk about beyond relevant.  Gotta love Erwin! What he’s saying?  It’s true for everything.  The aim isn’t joining what already is. By the way, tripped across the Erwin McManus video over at Church Video Ideas today.  Great new site.  Not

100 Largest Churches 2007

Outreach Magazine is out with their 2007 take on the 100 Largest Churches in America.  As usual, Kent Shaffer scooped it first and has a good take right here.  It’s always interesting to me.  Who’s on the list.  Who’s not.