Where are you headed for your vacation?  We’re hanging close to home this year.  Not bad though when you can drive to a number of great beaches in less than 30 minutes.  Tomorrow…San Clemente.  Here’s a pretty shot of our

The Main Thing

We’ve all heard the great quote, "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!"  The Power of Alignment uses the idea of the main thing to give definition to the very core idea that you are

Max in the Breyers Patch

Brer Rabbit had a different strategy.  He said, "Please, please don’t throw me into the brier patch!" Max’s strategy is to look pitiful, slobbering on you until you give him the Breyers carton.  And then he’s good for at least

The Power of Alignment

What are you reading right now?  I’m always reading something…but I love it when I trip across a book that has to do with the core ideas here at StrategyCentral.  The Power of Alignment: How Great Companies Stay Centered and

Are You Strategic?

I have a theory.  My theory is that there are basically two groups of people in the world.  Some have a strategic bent and others don’t.  Obviously, there are degrees in between.  But generally, there are two groups.  Given any