True North

Got my copy of True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership today…and it looks great!  I linked to a really interesting interview with author Bill George last week.  I’m feeling like this will be one of those books you might want

Quotebook: Revolutionaries

I brought The 4-Hour Workweek along on my trip…and the book is a trip!  There is something to it that’s just hard to explain, but there is something to it.  I’ve already picked up a few ideas that must be

Building on Opportunities

What do you find yourself focusing on…problems?  Or opportunities?  Think about the kinds of things that draw your attention…and your best people.  Where do you find yourself spending your very finite energy?  If you’re like many of us, and you’re

The Authentic Leader

Tripped across an interesting podcast today; an interview with Bill George, author of Authentic Leadership.  He’s out with a new book that looks great, True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership.  You can check out the interview right here.  I think

Listening for Success

How would you rate your listening skills?  Are you an active listener?  Or are you actively looking for your next chance to get a word in as soon as possible?  Maybe already formulating what you’re going to say as soon