Speed of Implementation

What’s your implementation speed?  Are you the "Ready. Aim. Fire." type?  Or are you more of the "Ready. Fire. Aim." type?  We were having a great conversation yesterday…the really good kind that leads either to a great idea or a

Executive Insulation

How connected are you to the real world?  In other words, how well do you really know what is happening outside your organization?  Peter Drucker said, "the central problem of executives in the large organization is their insulation from the

Modern Times

Don’t know if you call yourself a Bob Dylan fan.  I wouldn’t call myself one.  But I do like good music.  And I have to say this is a really good album.  I was driving one day last week and

How Well Do You Self-Diagnose?

I’m learning that it’s much easier to see the problems, the issues, in other organizations.  It’s just flat tougher to see them when you’re waste deep in the environment.  Is that how you’re finding it?  In other words, when you’re