The Danger of Irrelevance

There are two basic dangers in not moving fast enough to meet the changing needs of your customers, or keeping up with the changing capabilities of your competitors.  The The Prepared Mind of a Leader refers to the first danger

The Dangers of Active Inertia

Are you in danger of active inertia?  Current and potential customers are constantly asking themselves (and you if you’re listening) "Can you meet their developing needs?"  They may have found you perfectly capable at some point, but as their needs

Insights from Lyle Schaller

If you’re unfamiliar with Lyle Schaller, he is something like the Peter Drucker of church consulting.  Very, very smart.  But also very practical.  A rare combination.  A collection of his comments on some interesting topics has turned up over at

7 Practices Podcast

If you haven’t checked out the 7 Practices of Effective Ministry you are missing a great resource.  In my opinion this the most strategic walk-through of how to become more intentional in your effort available today.  I actually believe this

Great Teams

How are you set up to function at your place?  Is it every man for himself?  Or are you desinged to take advantage of the power of a great team?  There is a great collection of articles over at Fortune