Managing Oneself

Here’s our dilemma: On the one hand, none of us want to be micromanaged (or necessarily even managed).  On the other hand, the demands of the knowledge worker world require professional development in order to keep pace with the needs

Doing the Impossible

Ever heard this one: "According to the laws of aerodynamics, a bumblebee cannot fly.  The bumblebee doesn’t know aerodynamics. So it flies anyway."  Anonymous Looking at an opportunity that SEEMS impossible?  Think bumblebee baby! Thanks to Rajesh Setty for the

Getting to Done as a Symptom

Feeling that my "play it by ear" personal style was the real me but that the procrastination/disorganization element might be a symptom of something else and unrelated to being an ENTP (You know all about the whole Myers-Briggs idea right?

Drucker on Keeping Score

Yesterday’s idea from The Daily Drucker was a very helpful piece on defining quality, which has everything to do with measuring.  We’ve been talking about keeping score.  Drucker mentions the fact that surgeons measure success rates (survival rates) but points

More on Keeping Score

In a breakout at last week’s Purpose Driven Church Conference, Dan Southerland of Church Transitions talked about measuring success (effectiveness) by purpose.  If you’re unfamiliar with the ideas of Purpose Driven you can learn more here.  What Southerland was talking

Keeping Score

How are you keeping score?  In order to be sure you’re heading in the right direction, doing the right things, on the right track…you’ve got to have a way to keep score.  Dave Ferguson has a great post today on