Personal Competence

Seth Godin’s post on becoming an indespensable employee sets up an interesting dichotomy.  On the one hand, as a leader I want to think about my organization or team from the standpoint of The E Myth and develop such a

Greatness Finds Him

Ok, I have to put these two pictures.  One of Kobe’s game winner.  And one of the sweet moments that followed.  And they were sweet!  Trust me, Kobe is in the middle of that group hug.  I wish you could’ve


Ok.  I see where Thursday is going.  A little off topic…but I’ve always loved Kobe on the court.  Here’s a great moment! When it happened…I spontaneously said, "boooooyah!"  Scared my dog and everyone else in the room.  Good times.  Lakers

American Idol

This season, we’ve become hooked on AI.  American Idol.  Good entertainment.  Actually, I agree almost all the time with Simon.  What does that mean?  I don’t know entirely.  Maybe I really am a mean and pragmatic person!  I ENJOY Randy

Great Quotes on Change

Mark Batterson consistently has some good content on his blog.  Blogging from the Transforming Culture Conference he had these great quotes from Dr. Sam Chand: All change is a critique of the past. When you’re 100% sure it’s too late.

Thinking Big

Great article in Business Week by Diego Rodriguez of Metacool on thinking big by recognizing the place where business and design meet.  I love the three main points and they’re easily applicable to an organization that wants to innovate.  Check