Who Do We Exist For?

I went to Willow for the first time in February, 1991.  It was a "trajectory adjustment".  One of the most memorable breakouts was a talk given by Jim Dethmer on strategy.  Although I’d already consumed In Search of Excellence, it

Insisting on Disagreement

"The first rule in decision-making is that one does not make a decision unless there is disagreement."  Peter Drucker That is a fascinating statement.  Think about what that means for your organization the next time you sit down with your

More on Priorities

When you’re choosing what you must prioritize what are your steps?  In an earlier post I commented on a really helpful decision making guide that Peter Drucker proposed in The Effective Executive.  Skillful decision making is so important if your

Priorities and Posteriorities

Have you set any posteriorities lately?  In a challenging section of The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker writes about the difficulty most of us have giving enough time to the future and the ideas and opportunities that await.  Most of us