The Future Has Already Happened

On what assumptions are you basing your most important decisions?  You’re not basing these critical decisions on assumptions?  Riiiight.  You’re basing your decisions on facts.  Riiiight.  When we’re really honest, our decisions are based on a combination of "facts" and

Simply Strategic

Looking for a really good look inside a fast growing, very innovative church?  Check out the Simply Strategic Show, brought to you by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan, two of the senior staff at the very cool Granger Community Church.

Do you know about  Back in December Lisa Haneberg over at Management Craft mentioned in a post she wrote about Tom Peters’ wonderful book, Re-imagine.  I bought the unabridged audio and downloaded it onto my ipod.  Very cool.

Pastor of Vibe

Mark Batterson over at National Community Church in Washington, DC is on to a really cool project.  They’re building out a coffee house at one of the major subway stations in DC.  And they’re doing it right…way cool.  In today’s