All Things Tiki

Ok, for those of you tracking the aloha movement, how about this Big Tiki Drive posted earlier on BoingBoing.  Not sure about 512 MB of data for $99 but it would fit in with the tiki theme I’ve got going!

Vuja De

What if when we looked at our organizations, we were really seeing them as if for the first time?  Wouldn’t we notice things that we look right past because we’re so used to the cracked mirror or the pile of

10 Faces of Innovation

I’m reading a new book called The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO.  It’s a very interesting take on combatting "the devil’s advocate" cold water on every new idea strategy. Came across a great podcast

Great Quote

"Less isn’t more; just enough is more."  Milton Glaser. I love this take on Glaser’s quote, from Joe Duffy, author of Brand Apart.  "Just enough contains an aesthetic componenet that differentiates one experience from another." Very helpful.  I’m thinking about