Referring to the moment when Joseph Welch stood up to Senator Joseph McCarthy, Brian Williams wrote the following in a Los Angeles Times article that ran today:

"If each generation has its own Joseph Welch moment, there’s a real danger that we might miss ours, because our attention is elsewhere. While we yearn for clarity and authenticity, we are awash in choices and distractions. Never before have there been so many tempting incentives not to pay attention to what’s important. We have created staggering, historic amounts of noise, all the while yearning for more substance. There’s never been more to watch — and yet the odds are slim that any two people in any given community are watching the same thing at any given time. These days our shared experience is the fact that none of us shares an experience with anyone else.

"No one wants to return to just three channels. And they’ll have to pry my iPod from my cold, dead hands. But if there’s a Joseph Welch out there, I hope he understands that he’s going to have to bring his best game to get our attention above all the noise."

This is two paragraphs from a profound article.  It really does say something about our culture.  And about the attempt to reach the unconnected, unchurched masses.  Click here to to read the whole article.

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Awash in Choices and Distractions