awesomely_simpleLoving the new book by John Spence!  Awesomely Simple is a handy little book that details six key strategies for turning ideas into action.  No doubt you’ve got other books on your shelf that individually tackle these six strategies.  This is a package deal.

One of the best aspects of Awesomely Simple is that each chapter includes several hands-on tools that will definitely come in handy for me.  Checklists, question sets, case studies and take-away assignments make it a very practical handbook.

The six strategies it deals with are:

  • Vivid Vision: communicating a “clear, vivid, compelling, and inspiring vision”
  • Best People: what it takes to win the war for talent
  • Robust Communication: the tools you need to personally improve your communication skills
  • Sense of Urgency: create a culture with a strong sense of urgency
  • Disciplined Execution: how to build a performance-oriented culture
  • Extreme Customer Focus: create a strong and trusting bond with your customers

You’ve read it all before.  It’s just not in a package quite like this.  Well organized and simply written.  Best of all it’s packed with digest and use immediately ideas and practices.  This is good stuff…and you can order your copy right here.

Awesomely Simple