One of the best books I’ve picked up in a while is The Answer to How Is Yes.  Very thought-provoking.  Every few pages there is a kind of between the lines idea that is big and subtle at the same time…if that’s possible.  I call them "take the pebble from my hand" lines.  I really like this one:

"My presumption is that we have all the skills, the tools, the training that we need.  Plus, we probably already have the leadership from others that we deserve.  In the face of all the messages that the culture sends our way, we can choose to become full citizens and become a cause rather than an effect (p. 81)."

Become a cause rather than an effect.  Take the pebble from my hand, grasshopper.

Becoming a Cause…Not an Effect
  • Mark – you are having the same experience with Block’s book that I had.
    I’ve read it several times and always walk away with something new.
    ….reaching for the pebble…Mike