Sometimes what Peter Drucker had to say just had a sweet sound.  True truth is like that.  Think about the true truth of this quote from The Daily Drucker:

"Organizations have a gravity, the weight is constantly being pushed into being problem-focused, and one has to fight it all the time."

I don’t know about you…but that just rings true.  When you think about your world, isn’t it true that you find yourself more and more wrestling with problems, solving problems, talking about how to fix problems…basically dealing with the things that didn’t work or need to work better?  What ever happened to focusing on the successes and then making them better?  Isn’t that the idea?

Drucker was really good at helping organizations to focus on what he called the "exploitation of success."  Think about an area where your team is already winning big time.  Are you spending more time making that even better?  Or fixing the areas that didn’t work?  If you’re like most of us you’re constantly being sucked into discussions about problems.  Drucker’s admonition is to stay opportunity-focused.  Figure out what you’re doing well…and then give that the lion’s share of your time and energy.  You’ll have to fight the black-hole pull of your problems.  But it will be worth it every time your team wins.

Becoming Opportunity-Focused