There are two ways your organization can become unforgettable.  You can under-promise and over-deliver.  Or…you can do the opposite.  In fact, if you only want to work with people one time…there’s no substitute for over-promising and under-delivering.  How can we avoid that?  My friend Mike Wagner has the prescription:

"Work long and hard to identify the right set of promises your ‘sweet
spot customer’ will call useful and unique. Then focus every ounce of
your organization’s energy on keeping those promises."  Mike Wagner

Want to go there?  I think we all do.


Becoming Unforgettable
  • Mark – thanks for picking up on my call to be “unforgettable”.
    “Promise” is the most under appreciated approach to forming relationships that extend value, benefit and blessing.
    Seriously reflecting first on what promises should my business, organization or department make takes time. To land on a promise that allows for unique expression while being useful does not happen in an instant. It takes empathy into the needs of others along with creative insight around how such needs will be served.
    Then keeping that promise as a matter of organizational integrity must become the unrelenting focus of those who lead.
    I believe that all human relationships of value are initiated with promise. Contracts, marriage vows, constitutions and covenants are all forms that “promise” can take as one begins a relationship where value is offered and received.
    Sorry to ramble on. But this subject gets me jazzed!
    Thanks again for your kind extension of my post.
    Keep creating…good promises,

  • Thanks for adding so much to the concept Mike! How many of us really stop to consider our “promises” on the front end? We need to. But we rarely do. How can we begin? By beginning. Today.